Brushing my toddler's teeth March 10, 2016 18:09

As all the books will tell you, you need to brush your toddler's teeth as soon as they erupt - that you need them to form a habit, and understand the importance of brushing their teeth.

I honestly tried very hard. I've tried offering him the toothbrush at all hours of the day, be it first thing in the morning, 5pm, or bedtime... He simply refuses it. 

He used to be better and would entertain me for a bit, and brush maybe his front teeth. As he has gotten older, he would simply lick the toothbrush, or chew on it, and then it ends up on the floor.

I have tried demonstrating and brushing together with them, but to no avail.

Usually I am here sharing my experiences and triumph, but I am admitting defeat. 

Any parents out there having the same issues? Please share your success stories with me, I'm so desperate I will try anything.

I am trying to find a product that can help me out in this area, wish me luck...

Till the day I get my son to brush his teeth, I guess I will have to deal with his smelly breath...