Restaurants with a play area in Singapore May 3, 2016 17:23

Hi Everyone!

Trust that you guys had a great Labour Day weekend!

During this long weekend, my husband and I wanted to bring our son to a restaurant with a play area. Ok, so we did some googling, and found that there are quite a few of them, but we had a few requirements of our own.

1) Outdoor/indoor are both fine - but because Bao is under 2 years old, we would prefer that the play area is within the line of vision from the table.

2) Great kid's menu options

3) Accessible - we can park nearby and it won't be too much of a walk/hike for us, in case of rain. I heard Fabulous Baker Boy is great, but I was also told the hike from the car park to the restaurant is a little long... Nonetheless, I am intending to check that place out soon!

So far, the only place that remotely fits our requirements are PS Cafe at Dempsey. We love going there as the food is delicious and Bao loves going to the outdoor area with his favourite basketball.

Please parents, share your secret spots with me! It'll be much appreciated!

Stay safe!