Mama is down with a nasty cold.... January 25, 2016 17:18

So I was thinking over the weekend, what should I write about on Monday? 

You know how they say, things have a way of finding you when you stop looking? 

I am down with a cold - runny and congested nose, very very sore throat, pounding headache... the works. I have it all.

The hardest part about being sick isn't the "feeling-under-the-weather" part. It's that I have to quarantine myself away from my 17 month old boy. (From this point on, let's refer to him as Baobao) 

I know there's many school of thoughts - to all the other mothers out there, we all know that we have different beliefs and different ways of doing things. I am not here to tell you what's wrong, or right, or superior... I am just here to share my experience.

I don't want to pass my cold to my son, because it makes it very hard for me to look after him. I don't have the energy to tend to him at night (he gets very fussy at night when he's unwell), especially with the cocktail of drowsy medication that I am on.  I am all for "letting the kids get sick and build up their immune systems".  Like any average child his age, Bao is exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria on a daily basis. He runs around, picks up stuff, puts it in his mouth, comes into close proximity with other children and adults... There is no running away from all the nasties. 

But I try very hard not to spread my illness to my family, particularly my son, because I am the main caregiver of the entire household - I keep this household running. If I am down, the others will have a very miserable time because I am not at my 100% to tend to them. 

So what have I been doing to prevent this from happening?

1) Wearing a mask


OK obviously that is not me, haha. 

I have been wearing a surgical mask since I started feeling "off", even out in public. I think it's only right for me to be considerate and not spread to it to the rest of the general population too. 

I make my family wear a mask if they're ill around me - they hate it but they know its necessary. 

It helps stems the spreading because it holds in all the droplets from my nose and mouth, which contains the virus. Think of all the saliva and excretions when you talk, sneeze or cough. 

2) Frequent handwashing


People very often touch their face and body parts and not realize it. Afterwards they go on to do a multitude of things, such as preparing food, touching someone else, and touching shared public objects such as doorknobs, handlebars, buttons on a lift etc. The bacteria and germs can multiply very quickly - think about how many people will push the buttons on a lift, or the doorknob to a public toilet? 

Proper handwashing eliminates germs and bacterias and decreases the speed of the nasties multiplying. 

I am in the midst of sourcing for a natural, anti-bacterial soap for you mama's out there, so stay tuned!

When I am in a pinch, I just spray AQ Bio handsprays ( They are amazing and natural, with no additives or fragrance. It is water-based and sanitizes 99.9% of the germs on your hands and whatever item you spray it on. It's so gentle, you can even spray it in your mouth (I am being serious). Gentle on you and your kids, but tough on the nasties. 

I hope these 2 tips can help you mamas out there.

Going to crawl back into bed now.