Flying with my toddler. February 1, 2016 16:17

Before we start, I wanted to thank everyone who came and supported us over the weekend at the UWC fair. It was so much fun and I had a great time meeting everybody. I really hope you enjoy your products as much as I enjoy them!

Chinese New Year will be upon us in just a few days! As usual, I travel with Baobao and my husband. Home, where we originally moved from, is a 4 hours flight from Singapore. We have been making this journey numerous times since Baobao's birth. The first time we did this flight with him, he was 2 months old. 

I remember how frantic I was, packing for that maiden journey with him. I was worried, nervous, and definitely overpacked. Actually, I look back now, and I realize how silly I was. He barely needed anything. At that age, all he needed was me (for nursing reasons, haha). He didn't need toys, or entertainment. Maybe an extra set of clothes and some blankets. But that really was it.

The older he got, the crazier it got too. I remember the first time I travelled with him after he started crawling - that was a whole new level of crazy. He was trying to wriggle everywhere, wanted to crawl, wanted to touch everything. Of course, I let him, within reason. But it was dangerous with all the food services, hot drinks, trolleys whizzing past threatening to take out his little fingers (well the paranoid mom in me felt that way....). I remember the wave of relief I felt when we stepped off the plane. I felt the world's best mother for surviving that flight. I was so proud of myself, and thought, well, the worst is over.

The next time we got on a plane, Baobao had learnt how to walk. When I say walk, it was really more of a "running like a drunk man". That was crazier than the last. He was also getting physically stronger. Baobao is 13kg and 90cm - my husband and I always say that he's pretty strong, pound for pound. When he is really determined to go somewhere, he will fight me and pull and push with all his might - unfortunately sometimes, he does win. I don't know if that's a reflection on my lack of physical strength. Haha. I like to tell myself he's just exceptionally strong.

So, I switched up the tactics. Instead of trying to contain him, I was constantly trying to distract him. Colouring books, story books, cartoons, snacks....everything, you name it, I got it. All packed into that duffle bag that we use as his diaper bag. 

I think every parent will agree with me that, the best time is when your child falls asleep on the plane. The minute I notice he's starting to rub his eyes, I will cradle him like he's still the baby he was months ago. I usually get him to sleep for around 2 hours, which gives me some time to recharge, eat, watch half a movie (I get to finish the other half on the flight back), so I still look decent when we land.

If you guys have any great travel tips for me, please do share!!!!