Mosquito Bites March 14, 2017 10:12

Hi mamas!!

Today, I wanted to share with you guys some natural remedies to relief the itch from mosquito bites.

Living in Singapore, it's one of the few places in the world that's summer 24/7. We are a tropical country with loads of sunshine and plenty of rain. Unfortunately, that also means mosquitoes.

Fortunately, I usually am well-prepared and armed with mosquito patches, repellent spray, oils, lotions and all sorts of potions (if you've read my last post on mosquitoes, you'll know that I am crazy about preventing mosquito bites).

But if you do get bitten, fret not. Here's some pointers to stop it from itchy.

Whilst I am no authority/scientist/doctor, this is all from personal experience. I ALWAYS GET BITTEN. Without fail. Put me in an outdoor area with 100 other people and NO ONE will get bitten except for me. 

Not only do mosquitoes love me, but I also react quite badly to mosquito bites and end up with hot, red, angry welts.

So here it is!


Yes, whatever you call it, scotchtape, magic tape... whatever it is, just slap some tape over the mosquito bite. 

There's something about the oxygen interaction that causes a bite to itch like crazy. Once you cut off the oxygen supply, it will no longer itch and in fact, subside much quicker. 

I always have tape or plasters handy during outdoor trips.

Pediatricians also recommend this for babies because it's 100% chemical-free.


I find that essential oils work a similar manner and starves the bite of oxygen because the film of oil stops oxygen from interacting with the bite. 

My favourite to use on a bite is Lavender oil, because it doesn't require any dilution. Just pick it up straight from the bottle and you're good to go, and dab sparingly.

I am a Young Living junkie so if you don't know where to pick up some good quality oils, do google them.

I've been told that Tea tree oil is really good as it is anti-bacterial too, but because it's  a lot stronger of an oil, it might require dilution, making it less portable (in my opinion anyway).

With all oils, please do a test patch as skin sensitivity varies.

Hope this helps! Enjoy!!! Let me know what works best!