What I am coveting at the moment: October 21, 2016 17:21

Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patches.

Truly mean it, this is NOT a sponsored or affiliated post.

Ever since the rise of Zika cases in Singapore, I am sure everyone has been extra vigilant and taking precautions.

Bao is a boy, so naturally very sweaty as he likes to run about. Hence, lotions and creams are not a great option for him. He will sweat them off very quickly.

I tried to explore using mosquito repellent bracelets and devices but Bao does not like having things strapped on to him, and he'd simply remove and throw them on the ground or pass them to me.

So, I have found these patches very effective and they give me a peace of mind.

With no harsh chemicals, the active ingredient is Citronella, a plant that mosquitoes naturally detest.

Of course, whilst they are not 100% foolproof, I am confident that Bao's school is taking every preventative measure to stop mosquitoes breeding on school compound, and also actively eliminating all mosquitoes on campus.

So paired together, I have found them very effective.

I have used them on my entire family, especially when we go for walks in the Botanical Garden. So far, so good. I am extra cautious and use one on the upper body and one on the lower half.

Not going to lie, they smell pretty strong - you probably want to put them off after you get out of your car.

Have a good weekend, my green warriors.