Cuddledry Cuddlepaw Leopard Towel

$62.10 SGD

  • A towel for your toddler that is big, soft, warm, fun and downright gorgeous
  • Contains bamboo fibre and cotton--silky soft, 60% more absorbent than just cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality
  • Snugly buggly double layers
  • Sensibly big--tons of fabric to wrap them right up
  • Cosy hood--two layers to dry hair and keep warmth in from walking age to 3 years

These toddler towels are sumptuously soft, with two full layers of cashmere-soft organically grown cotton/bamboo mix towelling which is kind to skin, especially if sensitive or eczema prone. They have been made specifically for growing Tots; Fun and practical they are designed to encourage creative play and make getting out of the bath a treat rather than a challenge. Bundle the towel around them to keep them snug, and then they can charge around your house until its time to get dressed!

Something special to use every day with your tot - or to give as a perfect present!


  • Contains bamboo fibre and organically grown cotton
  • Bamboo fibre is silky soft, more absorbent than cotton & naturally antibacterial
  • Snuggly buggly double layers - the warmest toddler towel you can buy
  • Sensibly big - tons of fabric to wrap them right up
  • Cosy hood - two layers to dry hair and keep warmth in from standing/toddling age to 3 years+
  • Encourages imaginative play


Natural unbleached cotton 35%
Viscose from Bamboo 56%
Base weave only Polyester 9% (not towel surface)


When laid out flat, the towel is 124cm wide, and 86cm long (21cm from top of hood to back seam, and 65cm in length from the seam at the base of the hood.)

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